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Technical Papers
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Technical Papers

The following is a listing of technical papers, brochures and articles that are used as resources for trolley assist information. Many thanks to the people and companies who provided copies of these documents.

reference #1 - Electrically Powered Earth Moving Truck (June 1956), General Electric Specifications No. RY-24343. Description of Operation & Electrical Equipment.

reference #2 - Electrical Traction in the Open Cast Quarry (November 1959), by R. Lowther, Hubert Davies & Company, Ltd., Johannesburg.

reference #3 - Diesel Electric Truck Haulage Improved Through Trolley Assist (1971??), Author unknown, Quebec Cartier Mining Company.

reference #4 - A Trolley-Assist System for Improving Diesel-Electric haulage in Open-Pit Mining (Early 1980's??), by Canadian Met-Chem Consultants, Ltd., Montreal, Quebec.

reference #5 - Truck Haulage Using Overhead Electrical Power to Conserve Diesel Fuel and Improve Haulage Economics (February 1981), by David M. Lake & William Brzezniak, General Electric Company. Presented at the 110th AIME Annual Meeting.

reference #6 - Trolley Assisted Truck Haulage (June 1982), by Colin C. Crosson & H. B. Sumner, Palabora Mining Co. Ltd. Magazine article in Engineering & Mining Journal June Issue.

reference #7 - Trolley Assisted Haulage - a Generic Case (July 1983), by Peter Huetter, Bechtel Civil and Minerals, Inc.

reference #8 - Trolley Assist Haulage - The Palabora Case History (August 1983), by C. G. Sant, Palabora Mining Company Limited. Presented at the Palabora Open Pit Operations and Maintenance Symposium.

reference #9 - Trolley Assist Haulage Maintenance Aspects (1983), by R. M. von Maltitz, Chief Engineer - Mine, Palabora Mining Co. Ltd.

reference #10 - Developments in Trolley-Assist at Palabora (1984), by H. B. Sumner, Chief Engineer, Palabora Mining Company Limited.

reference #11 - The Economics and Productivity Impact of Trolley Assisted Truck Haulage (March, 1984), by J. H. Dietz & W. E. Brzezniak, General Electric Company. Presented at the SME/AIME Annual Meeting.

reference #12 - Trolley Assisted Haulage Experiences at ISCOR's Sishen Iron Ore Mine (1985), by B. J. Vorster, South African Iron and Steel Company Ltd. Presented at the SME-AIME Annual Meeting.

reference #13 - Economic Benefits of the Trolley Assist Programme at Palabora, South Africa (1985??), by H. B. Sumner, Chief Engineer, Palabora Mining Company Limited.

reference #14 - Trolley assist at Nchanga mine, Zambia (1986), by Anthony Hopkins & Adam Hughes, Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines.

reference #15 - Trolley Assist For Haul Trucks (1995??), ISCOR Engineering Services, Pretoria, South Africa. Brochure promoting ISCOR's Engineering Services group.

reference #16 - Trolley Assist at Barrick Goldstrike (1995), by David Hutnyak, Barrick Goldstrike Mines.

reference #17 - Trolley Assist for Electric Drive Trucks (1995), by Ronald D. Crawford, Komatsu Dresser Co. Reprint from SAE Paper no. 951198.


The following is a listing of videos (films, VHS, QuickTime, etc) that were produced to promote trolley assist. Many thanks to the people and companies who provided copies of these resources.

reference #18 - Barrick Goldstrike Trolley Assist is a promotional video produced by Bechtel and sponsored by Barrick, Komatsu, GE, Siemens, TransTech, and Caribou. A QuickTime movie of the video can be accessed by clicking here.

reference #19 - The Power Connection is a film, produced by General Electric Company, which describes the application of trolley at the Nchanga mine. The film was made into a video, which was used to capture some of the photos shown in this report.

reference #20 - R280 Trolley at ISCOR is a short video of the Euclid 280 AC truck in trolley operation at the ISCOR Grootegeluk mine. Siemens has converted the video into an MPG file, which can be viewed after downloading from Siemens' website by clicking here. Please note that the download file is approximately 10 MB in size.


The following consultants have experience with trolley assist:

reference #21 - Hutnyak Consulting, Financial evaluation of trolley assist, technical assistance, project management of trolley installation. Contact person is David Hutnyak. Telephone 775-738-4366.

reference #22 - Bechtel Mining & Metals, Financial evaluation of trolley assist, technical assistance, project management of trolley installation. Experienced with numerous trolley systems, including Palabora and Barrick. Contact person is Kevin Ashley in San Francisco office. Telephone 415-768-7044.

Equipment Suppliers

The following manufacturers are experienced with trolley assist:

reference #23 - Caribou Inc. installed the trolley overhead lines and substations for Barrick's trolley system. Caribou was awarded the maintenance contract for the overhead lines at Barrick. Caribou has subsequently designed and has manufactured overhead trolley line hardware. Contact person is Spencer Porter in the Elko office. Telephone 775-778-8855 or 775-778-1148.

reference #24 - Siemens Transportation Systems supplied Barrick with the overhead line hardware and wayside trolley substations. Contact person is Santiago Muniz in the Oregon office. Telephone 503-699-0071.

reference #25 - Siemens Energy & Automation supplied the AC drive system used on the Euclid R280 AC trolley truck at ISCOR Grootegeluk. Developed a unique "diesel boost" system that allows a truck to operate using a combination of diesel & electric on trolley, when the optimal line voltage is not available. Contact person is Walter Koellner in Alpharetta, Georgia. Telephone 770-740-3480.

reference #26 - TransTech of South Carolina supplied pantographs for the Barrick trolley system. Contact person is George Nesta in Greenville, South Carolina. Telephone 864-299-3870.

reference #27 - General Electric supplied the DC drive systems used on nearly all of the trolley trucks worldwide. Contact person is John Nadzam in Erie, Pennsylvania. Telephone 814- 875-6245.

reference #28 - Terex manufactures Unit Rig trucks, which have been used at numerous trolley applications. Contact person is Peter Causer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Telephone 918-445-5879.

reference #29 - Euclid-Hitachi supplied the Euclid R-280 AC drive trolley truck to ISCOR, as well as numerous DC trolley trucks to other mines in Africa. Contact person is Anthony Craig in Cleveland, Ohio. Telephone 281-844-1453.

reference #30 - Komatsu supplied Haulpak trucks to numerous trolley applications, including Barrick Goldstrike. Contact person is Darryl Webb in Vernon Hills, Illinois. Telephone 847-837-3066.


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