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Quicktime Video - "Barrick Goldstrike Trolley Assist"

"Barrick Goldstrike Trolley Assist" is a short video produced by Bechtel providing an overview of the trolley installation at the Goldstrike mine. Production of the original video was sponsored by the major contractors involved in the installation - Bechtel (project mgmt), Komatsu Dresser (haul trucks), GE (drive system), Siemens (overhead lines & substations), Caribou Construction (line & substation installation), TransTech of South Carolina (pantographs).

The video was converted into a QuickTime movie. To view this, the QuickTime application must be installed on your computer. Click here to download QuickTime, if it is not already installed.

Please note that the QuickTime movie is about 8 minutes in length, 4 MB in size, and requires considerable time to download.

To view the MOVIE, click here.

Additional Information About Trolley Assist

"Trolley Assist at Barrick Goldstrike" by David Hutnyak is a paper that was presented at various mining conferences. A non-technical presentation, it contains a more detailed discussion of how trolley works and the benefits which can result.

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