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David Hutnyak is the sole proprietor of Hutnyak Consulting. Although he can draw on the varied resources of a network of his associates, the vast majority of work is performed by Mr. Hutnyak.

A graduate Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Hutnyak is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and Nevada. He worked for General Electric as a Mechanical Design Engineer, and was involved in the design of the GE776, GE788 and GE787 wheelmotors which are used on the majority of diesel-electric haul trucks worldwide. As GE's Resident Engineer at the Palabora mine in South Africa, Dave worked to resolve maintenance and repair issues. After leaving GE, Dave worked for Palabora to optimize their trolley-assisted haulage system, and to reduce their maintenance costs using predictive maintenance technologies. As Chief Mechanical Engineer at Barrick's Goldstrike mine in Nevada, Dave established an on-site predictive maintenance laboratory. He later was appointed Project Manager for installing and optimizing the trolley-assist system at Goldstrike. While at the mines, Dave worked on numerous equipment selections and technology evaluations.

Additional details of Mr. Hutnyak's qualifications and experience are contained in his resume, which can be reviewed by clicking here.

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