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MINExpo 2004 Komatsu Truck UPDATE

- To See a Previous Komatsu display at MINExpo 2000 Click Here -

While attending the MINExpo in Las Vegas, 27-30 September 2004, photographs were taken at the Komatsu display. The photos show details which could be observed by the general public. No attempt was made to include all the important features of the truck - only those of particular interest were photographed.

Shown below are a number of small "thumbnail" photos. Clicking on each "thumbnail" causes a larger version of the photo to be displayed.

Disclaimer: Although Hutnyak Consulting has tried to accurately report on what was presented at the MINExpo 2004, the reader should conduct further investigations before making business decisions based on the information contained on this web site.


Komatsu 830E AC

Komatsu 930E-2SE (from MINExpo 2000)


Komatsu 830E-AC - The 830E AC is Komatsu's proven 830E haul truck, updated with GE's AC drive system. Unfortunately, Komatsu did not provide any details of any other improvements which may have been incorporated into the AC version of their popular truck.

A "do not enter" sign was placed on the truck - requesting that visitors not view the underside of the truck.

830E AC

GE's IGBT Control Cabinet

GE's New Whisper Grids

830E Front Suspension

830E Front Wheel

830E Rear Wheel w/hubcap

"Keep Out" Sign

Komatsu's 830E Poster Specifications

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