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Belaz Trucks

While attending the MINExpo in Las Vegas, 9-12 October 2000, photographs were taken at the Belaz truck exhibit. The photos show details which could be observed by the general public. No attempt was made to include all the important features of the trucks - only those of particular interest were photographed.

Shown below are a number of small "thumbnail" photos. Clicking on each "thumbnail" causes a larger version of the photo to be displayed.

Disclaimer: Although Hutnyak Consulting has tried to accurately report on what was presented at the MINExpo 2000, the reader should conduct further investigations before making business decisions based on the information contained on this web site.


Belaz Wheelmotor
Production Truck Photos
Model of proposed 420 ton, 4 wheel drive truck

Belaz Wheelmotor - The sign by the Belaz wheelmotor provided the following information: "Maximum rimpull 400 kNm,Rated rimpull 140 kNm, Reduction gear ratio 15, Maximum wheel rpm 110 min-1. Advantages of motorized wheel with permanent magnets: less maintenance, lower operating costs, bigger payloads, faster cycle times, high efficiency in the whole rpm range."

Production Truck Photos - These two posters apparently show two production trucks having 130 tonne and 120 tonne capacities.

Model of Proposed Truck - Belaz 7570 - The sign by the model of this proposed Belaz truck provided the following information: "Model of open-cast mining dump truck BELAZ-7570. The open-cast mining dump truck BELAZ-7570 features electromechanical drive of alternating/alternating current, two diesel-generators with 2700 hp rating each, wheel arrangement 4X4 and tires 55/80 R63, which allowed to rise payload capacity of the truck up to 420 tonnes and to ensure high specific power, significant traveling speed when upgrading in laden condition as well as to achieve lower handling costs as a result."

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